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Triathlete figure medal display

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Give your medals what they deserve- pride of place! 



Triathlon. It’s your sport. The ideal medal display for all triathletes. It’s your life. It’s you. You are a triathlete. When one sport is not enough, Swim, bike and run. Early morning training sessions in the pool, hours on the bike, miles on your feet. As a triathlete you know that your medals displays the discipline and consistency of your training. Give your medals what they deserve- pride of place! Hang your race medals for every triathlon distance, from Sprint and Olympic through to Ironman. The precision laser cut, 3mm brushed stainless steel figures on either end of this medal display act as a perfect reminder of crossing the finishing line in all your triathlon races. This medal display will hang all your triathlon medals from their ribbons and motivate you to continue to swim, bike and run. Display your medals with pride. Remember, you are a triathlete.

Dimensions - 13 x 3 inches
                         330 x 76 mm

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