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Tacx Flux Smart Turbo Trainer

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The Tacx Flux smart turbo trainer is a direct drive unit providing one of the most realistic and effective indoor riding experiences available. Direct drive provides a superbly smooth ride, even at high cadence and high power efforts. A perfect training partner to connect with the popular third party apps such as Zwift and Trainer Road amongst others.

The Tacx Flux Smart Turbo Trainer T2900 offers a compact and highly realistic interactive direct drive turbo trainer. With a highly responsive 7KG flywheel and electro brake technology, this trainer produces a realistic and highly customisable riding experience. 

The Flux uses ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity and the trainer can communicate wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet or PC (requires Tacx Upgrade Smart dongle). This connectivity also allows the Flux to be connected to apps like the free Tacx Training app of smartphones or tablets or the Tacx Trainer software on the PC (available separately). Third-party apps like Strava, Zwift and Trainer Road are also compatible. 


With a realistic slope incline up to 10% and a max wattage resistance of 1500 watts (for 10 seconds), this trainer is perfect for riders who want to test themselves on the climbs or thrash out their best sprint performance. 


The FLUX has a universal EDCO Multisys body that fits all Shimano and SRAM cassettes, and most Campagnolo cassettes. Whether it fits depends on the amount of cutouts inside the cassette. Campagnolo cassettes with 8 cutouts, like the 10 speed Veloce, will not fit, unfortunately. Below is a list of what fits and what doesn't fit:

  • Shimano: All 9-speed, 10-speed and 11-speed models
  • SRAM: All 9-speed, 10-speed and 11-speed models
  • Campagnolo 9-Speed: Centaur, Ghibli (11 drivetrain)
  • Campagnolo 10-Speed: Record, Record Ti, Chorus, Centaur 2009, Centaur 2011
  • Campagnolo 11-Speed: Record, Record Ti, Super Record, Super Record Ti, Chorus and Athena

PLEASE NOTE: To connect the FLUX Smart to your Windows computer, the Upgrade Smart is required. Cassette (pictured) is available separately. It cannot be used with long cage rear derailleurs.

  • Software Tacx apps & Third party apps 
  • PC software available via upgrade (compatible with Zwift, Strava, Trainer Road, Kinomap, Bkool etc)
  • Operation Automatic
  • Resistance unit: Direct drive
  • Realistic slope 10% (With a total weight of 75 kg)
  • Descent simulation: No
  • Electro brake technology dramatically reduces noise
  • Max brake power (10 sec.): 1500 Watt
  • Mass inertia 22,8 kg (Flywheel effect: the higher the value, the more realistic the cycling experience)
  • FLUX has a universal EDCO Multisys body that fits all Shimano and SRAM cassettes, and most Campagnolo cassettes
  • Connected with Bluetooth plus, FE-C and ANT+
  • Compact shape and weight (22.5KG)
  • Please note: It cannot be used with long cage rear derailleurs

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