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Quintana Roo PRfive Disc Frameset

2999.95 £2,999.95

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Sharing SHIFT+ aerodynamic technology from the PRsix superbike - the PRfive is fast, lightweight, and ready to help you set new PR's. With thru-axle disc-brake technology the PRfive is now stiffer for increased power transfer and features high-performance braking in any weather condition. Contact for Custom Colour of Decals. All frames available to order but please allow up to 21 days for delivery. Demo bikes available in store for sizing

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2999.95 £2,999.95
We designed a disc bike for real triathletes—it's aero, stable, lightweight and adjustable with only two wrenches. Starting at $4,499, the new PRfive Disc competes at the highest level, with elevated safety and braking capabilities in any condition. With increased lateral stiffness and a more aerodynamic design, you'll be able to output more power while conserving energy for the run. The PRfive Disc gives athletes the confidence they need to perform their best. Previous winner of an Interbike Award for Triathlon Innovations of the Year, the PRfive represents all the best aero benefits of our PRsix superbike - with its design moved to a standard front end - making it not only easier for the average triathlete to mechanically work on and travel with, but also making it more affordable.

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