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QNT Full energy drink

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Ideal for all sports that need endurance and power

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£15.30 £16.99



QNT Full Energy is a combination of fast absorption carbohydrates (dextrose, fructose) and complex carbohydrates (maltodextrine). This new generation of energy powder contains as well guarana, a fat burner and an intensifier of the metabolism rate; beta alanine, a booster of aerobic and anaerobic endurance; and ribose, a powerful help for energy recovery and muscular contraction.

Ideal for all sports that need endurance and power, it gives you a continuous energy release thanks to the sugars, what will help you sparing hepatic and muscular glycogen stock. QNT Full Energy fill up your glycogen stock before training, in order to avoid any energetic attack on the muscles. Vitamins B speed up the sugar absorption while minerals compensate for the loss of important sweating.

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