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Juce Lubes Frame Juice

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Your own personal valet, standing ready to polish your frame to a high shine. The secret formula for a beautiful bike that leaves your bits shining and repels mud on your next ride.
Protects and gives an instant shine and lustre to metal, chrome, paintwork, carbon, plastic and rubber parts. Antistatic properties help to prevent the build up of dust, dirt and mud on treated surfaces. Provides a protective film that prevents the strong adhesion of road film and tar. Removes dirty water marks and stains if visible after bike washing. Restores bikes to a showroom shine status. Helps to cut down on future cleaning and maintenance – reduced cleaning time next time bike is washed. Doesn’t contain chalk so no risk of polish scratching any surfaces. Slick properties help with the seating of tubeless tyres – apply to tyre bead. Cranberry fragrance to keep your bike smelling fresh.

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