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JetBlack Mag Pro HydroGel Turbo trainer

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An excellent basic turbo trainer. simple to set up, not too loud and has a good roll down feel. Riding on it seems fairly natural and you can certainly sprint without it feeling too jerky. It's certainly good for the money and one we'd recommend. Cycling Plus ***** 4/5


The Jet Black Mag Pro Turbo Trainer comes pre-assembled with adjustable resistance curves for interval / hill training. The re-set remote control enables you to change resistance levels while you are riding. There are 5 levels of resistance, ranging between 5 and 350 Watts. The wide base frame with anti-slip feet offer rock-solid stability for the toughest rider. The super compact, foldable frame is ideal for easy transport and storage. Fits road and mountain bike wheels, from 24" to 700C. A replacement skewer is supplied in order to ensure the perfect fit. The Pro version of this trainer is equipped with a Hydrogel roller that operates quietly and smoothly. Noise is reduced by 55% and tyre wear is reduced by 25-30%.

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