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Chapeau! Winter Gloves

39.99 £39.99

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If you are unsure of your Chapeau! glove size please look at the product description below and download our glove size guide tool.

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39.99 £39.99
Our Winter Gloves are the ultimate glove for year round cycling. From those chilly autumnal commutes to a deep winter club ride the water and wind resistant outer fabric coupled with the warming inner liner ensures that your hands are kept warm and dry. Size Guide There is nothing worse than buying a pair of gloves and the fit not being right. That is why we've created this handy sizing guide. Simply download the pdf and print it out (making sure it is set to 100%, not scaled). Then simply overlay your hand (following the instructions) and choose your size. Fabric Composition Nylon: 26% PU: 10% Sheepskin: 6% Polyester: 52% SBR: 1% Lycra: 2% Spandex: 3%

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