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Challenge Baby Limus Pro Open Tubular

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The Open Tubular Baby Limus 33 cyclocross tire is ideal for sticky mud conditions and features a mix depth of knobs for traction and grip. The tire also provides great speed, tough Super Poly casing and a good level of puncture protection.

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55 £55.00
Features Puncture protection strip Great grip sticky mud conditions Handmade construction Open Tubular An open tubular is constructed using the same casing and tread materials and process as a tubular, but instead of sewing the casing together (closed), the sides of the tubular casing are folded around aramid fibre cords to produce beads. This ‘open’ design performs like a tubular, yet conveniently mounts like a standard clincher tyre. If combined with a Latex inner tube the ride becomes even closer to that of a tubular, offering excellent traction and cornering, low rolling resistance and shock absorption. Use:Cross Racing: All around, Sticky Mud Size:700 Tire Width:33 mm Internal Rim Width:15-19 mm Weight:345 gr TPI:300 Bead:Aramid Casing:SuperPoly Flat protection:PPS BAR:2-6 PSI:30-90

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