Just because the mercury has started to plummet and the days seem dark from dawn to dusk doesn’t mean the UK’s most dedicated cyclists are ready to give up just yet! We’re well aware of how it takes more than just a chill in the air to put our customers off the idea of cycling here, there and everywhere – precisely why we stock a huge range of the best cycling gear for keeping warm while out and about.

Of course, safety takes precedence over everything else so it’s not as if we’d advise anyone to head out and brave the blizzards just to get their daily cycling fix. However, if things aren’t too bad and it’s simply the cold weather that’s biting, we’ve got just the ticket for any and every part of your body where you might feel a bit of a chill on the way!

For example, pair-up our Endura Thermolite LegWarmers with a set of Endura Thermolite Kneewarmers and you can kiss goodbye to chilly legs during your winter cycling trips. And of course, there’s always the ever-affordable Endura Thermolite Armwarmers up for grabs to treat your upper-limbs to the same dose of wonderful winter warmth!

It’s a well-known fact that if you keep your head nice and warm, the rest of your body will follow its example. So, be sure to line that helmet with an Endura Thermolite Skullcap or perhaps a Endura BaaBaa Merino Skullcap to add a touch of wonderful warmth while at the same time making your chosen helmet fit more snugly and securely than ever before.

There’s nothing quite so unpleasant as cycling with wet and cold feet – especially in the winter time when ‘cold’ takes on a whole new meaning. Luckily, we’ve got a huge range of high-end bits and pieces on offer to keep you nicely warm and dry.  For example, our Endura Thermolite Socks are ideally suited to winter cycling conditions and will keep your feet toasty warm, while a pair of  Endura Dexter Overshoes will make sure that at least your feet stay dry if you encounter a bit too much of the wet stuff.

Keeping your fingers from freezing right off is a breeze in even the coldest weather with our Endura Windchill Gloves, which have been specially designed to ward-off winter nips. Line your jacket with a Endura Frontline baselayer for a huge dose of warmth and top things off with an Endura Stealth Jacket for a super-stylish and practical finish – now with 15% off for a limited time only!

So chances are you get the idea by now – we do our best to make cycling a genuine pleasure no matter how hard the elements try to spoil your fun outdoors. Hand-selected from the very best pro-cycling products on the global market today, everything we stock pairs performance with comfort. Our range extends to all manner of safety accessories and warming wonders to while away the winter with – feel free to browse what’s on offer or get in touch with any additional queries.