In order to improve your overall triathlon performance, it’s critical to break the event down into each of its component activities in order to give each its due focus. In terms of cycling, the on-going goal for most is of course to improve their average speeds while at the same time mastering the art of fast and fluid transitions.


Unsurprisingly, improving your average cycling speed when already competing at a high level is easier said than done. But as at this level it can be split-seconds that make the difference between podium finishes and disappointment, you might not necessarily have to improve enormously to see your capabilities skyrocket.


Here’s a quick rundown of six simple steps to follow that could see your cycling speed improving:


1 – Focused Training

As mentioned above, rather than incorporating cycling as a standard part of your triathlon training, consider instead paying closer focus to it and spending more time on it. In addition, focus also means narrowing things down to a single, reachable goal that you can keep in mind throughout.


2 – Practice in Groups

Much of your performance when in the midst of a competition will come down to how well you perform not when cycling on a clear and open road, but when surrounded on all sides by other cyclists. As such, it’s important to factor this into your training program and to ideally make time to practice with groups as you would in a triathlon itself.


3 – Ample Recovery Time

You should of course know that there is indeed such a thing as doing too much of a good thing, which in this case refers to cycling too hard and too much without giving your body time to recover. In the run-up to a race, it can be all-too tempting to go hell for leather day in and day out in the hope of hitting your peak, though chances are you’ll actually do yourself a disservice in the process.


4 – Seek Coaching

It’s always good to take a few tips and lessons from a professional that’s genuinely on a higher level than you in every way, not only to hear their lessons and teachings but also to inspire you as to the level you’ll hopefully reach in the future.


5 – Don’t Forget the Corners

Straight line speed may be one thing, but it’s how you approach and handle the corners that will ultimately play one of the biggest roles in how you perform. As such, you must never overlook the importance of practicing your cornering intently and regularly.


6 – Buy Better Gear

Last but not least, there’s only so much you can do if you don’t have all the right tools for the job – the right gear could be just what’s needed to up your game in a big way. Whether it’s a better helmet, lighter gear to help you move or anything right down to a new set of racing wheels, you’d be surprised what you’re capable of when armed with the right weapons.