Quintana Roo comes to Tri Harder


When I first started in triathlon, 12 years ago now (somehow!) the landscape of brands in the sport was quite different to today.  2 out of the top 3 wetsuits brands of today didn’t even exist!  HUUB and Zone3 were possibly not even a twinkle in their creators eye, but one brand filled the pages of 220 Triathlon magazine and had me drooling, that brand was Quintana Roo.  To me at the time they were THE triathlon brand.  


Founded in 1987, Quintana Roo was built on producing the first swim-specific wetsuit that completely changed triathlon racing.  Soon after this, QR created the first triathlon-specific bike that was designed “from the handlebars back”.  Bike course records quickly fell and so did run splits as the bike allowed athletes to be more comfortable coming off the bike.  Quintana Roo had set the standard for others to follow and as always happens, other companies caught up with their product development and triathletes had lots of wetsuits and tri bikes to choose from.  The UK market is particularly marketing driven and there will be triathletes racing today who have never heard of QR or know of their heritage.  But QR have not gone!  They may no longer be producing wetsuits but they have continued to develop bikes for all levels of triathlete and we are incredibly excited to be bringing them to Tri Harder.


We were looking for a second bike brand to compliment Orbea and QR ticked a lot of boxes in what we were looking for.  The QR range is purely triathlon/TT specific with plenty of unique and innovative features and our test bikes have ridden like an absolute dream!  One of the key things to come out of our test rides was how comfortable and stable it felt along with it  being FAST!  This comfort is often overlooked in tri bikes as the search for speed overrides everything else, but when your race distances increase and you have a run to do off the bike it is pretty essential!  Of course, there was another good reason for us liking them…..they look soooooo good!   I have personally fallen in love with the very bright Neutron pink!  Check out our little video and keep your eye on the website as we add the product range.