For some cycling is a hobby, others see it as an essential form of transport and then there are those for whom it is the very core of their being. Of course, in the case of the first of the three it isn’t necessarily of the utmost importance to opt for the very best bicycles in the world as sporadic use can be catered to by something much simpler. However, for those that take their cycling seriously, the bike chosen can make all the difference in the world to performance, safety and overall enjoyment to boot. As such, this is precisely why Boardman elite bikes are fast becoming the only real go-to for the world’s biking elite, having already conquered professional circuits and begun making headway elsewhere.

What Are Boardman Elite Bikes?

Boardman bikes represent the very best of all the British manufacturing industry stands for – quality and prestige above all else. The very fabric of what it is that makes for a great ride was taken back to the drawing board to create the blueprint that underpins every Boardman bike on the market today. As such, the range on offer now includes the ideal bikes for road use, racing, triathlon and so much more besides.

Rather than creating a single bike fit for all uses, Boardman has created the ideal cycle range for every application imaginable.

Aimed at all levels and with the everyday cycling enthusiast in mind, Boardman bikes are built in a manner that encapsulates the very best of modern technology with a wonderful sense of elegant simplicity. Whether just getting started or something of a seasoned veteran, it’s a winning combination that shines through across the board.

The latest catalogue of Boardman elite bikes comprises of a range of dynamic products including the SLR (Superlight Racing), AiR (Aerodynamic Racing),  AiR/TT (Aerodynamic Racing Time Trial) series. Each of these bikes is well equipped and packed to bursting with great features, including an ultra-light full carbon monocoque and internal cable routing. What’s more, one of the signature facets of all Boardman bikes is the exclusion of any superfluous garnish – everything that’s there is there for a reason and serves a vital purpose. This ensures that not only is weight kept to a minimum, but prices need never be unavoidable.

These days, getting hold of the latest Boardman bikes is mercifully easy – riders need only check out a leading online bike store to peruse the range in full. Of course, if choosing to buy bikes online it is important to lightly vet the vendor before agreeing to a sale, just to ensure that the Boardman bike is indeed the real deal. What’s more, it also pays to side with a vendor that has a strong reputation for great customer service, just in case any further advice or guidance is needed following the bike’s delivery.

As mentioned above, Boardman is committed to creating the perfect bike for any given purpose, therefore instead of compromising on a bike that simply gets the job done, why not invest in a cycle that fits like a glove?