No matter how much time and effort you put into your triathlon training regime, you still won’t hit your peak without a little inside knowledge from the world’s leading gurus. The reason being that technique and approach are just as important as hard work and commitment – the key being to gain the perfect balance of all three. Some of these insights are learned as you go along, but others are the kind of info you simply know or you don’t.


So, in the interest of training yourself in the best way there is, here’s a quick overview of just a few key pointers sourced directly from the world’s best coaches:


Sensible Limits

Contrary to popular belief, there is in fact such a thing as training too hard, too often and too intently. Experts swear by the ethos that going for it at full throttle all of the time isn’t a good idea at all, as in your efforts to go as hard and fast as possible you’ll lose sight of your training program’s core aims. Even if you think you could push yourself harder, stick to the training plan you established or were provided with.


Set Smaller Goals

Your ultimate goal may be to win the big annual event coming up in 2015, but that’s a long way ahead and therefore a target you won’t hit for a while. As such, in the spirit of keeping motivation as high as possible you might want to think about setting much smaller goals for the interim months. One could be to change your diet to a strictly regimented eating plan, another could be to improve your transition times or generally anything that’s smaller and achievable in the meantime.


Focus On Your Butt

According to world-leading triathlon experts, there’s little more crucial for a life devoted to this kind of athleticism than a strong and healthy rear-end. The butt is apparently all too often overlooked in so many triathlon training programs, despite the fact that it plays such a key role in so many processes and exercises. So, if you’re not already doing so, give your backside a little more focus.


Get the Right Gear

The idea that any artist can only ever be as good as the tools they use carries over to pretty much every sport across the board – this being no exception to the rule. There’s a lot to take into account when it comes to the gear you’re going to need and it can get a bit on the pricey side to buy the best of everything. Rest assured though that if you cut corners on gear quality, your performance and progress with both will suffer as a result.


Buddy Up

Last but not least, even if it means suggesting an unlikely alliance with your long-term archenemy, there’s really nothing better for both motivation and progress in the world of triathlon training like a like-minded buddy to partner up with. No coach ever has or ever will recommend going it alone as the ideal approach for those looking to hit the highest highs, so do yourself a favour and take someone else along for the ride.