With all the recent athletics going on all around the world, it’s hardly surprising that the UK is displaying a newfound love for the triathlon. It’s a frankly brilliant athletic activity that pulls together the best of three very different worlds – running, swimming and recycling. And the best bit of all is that you don’t necessarily have to be a professional to get so much out of this unique combo – there are plenty of clubs up and down the country that organise triathlon events that literally anyone can turn up and have a go at.

More often than not, it’s actually more fun to have a go at one of the amateur events than it is to cheer on the world’s best. The reason being that it’s such a spectacle in its own right – remember that there’s no time for resting or even getting properly changed in-between the events. So you can take it as seriously as you like or have a casual laugh with everyone else, but in any and all cases it’s important to take note of safety precautions. And as the UK has been gripped by triathlon fever, it’s good to see those getting down and dirty with the sport itself are setting a good example by wearing helmets.

A Safety Revolution

Over recent years, even the best safety gadgets in the business…Kask Helmets for example…have become more widely available and less expensive than ever before. This has proved somewhat revolutionary not just for the industry, but for the safety of the UK as a whole. In years gone by, the idea of buying and wearing a helmet was enough to put a fair few off the idea of cycling altogether. Not only were such safety measures overpriced, but they hardly won any style points and weren’t exactly the comfiest things to don for the whole day either.

Take a look at the latest Kask Helmets UK stores are selling right now however and the difference is night and day. Manufacturers and retailers alike have acknowledged the fact that looking good and feeling comfortable may not be as important to life and limb as safety, but when it comes to the buying habits of the public they’re crucial. Few would admit that they’d happily put their safety on the line simply to look good, but that’s what millions have indeed done over recent years by avoiding helmets due to their undesirable looks.

Kask Helmets fly the flag for a new generation of safety, style and comfort. They can be bought in every shape, size and colour under the sun, they come with various flip-up and full visor options and there’s even a brilliant off-road range. As such, buying for the most part comes down to personal preference, though there are certain things that must be kept in mind to ensure a genuinely safe option is chosen.

These include:

  • Making sure there are no gaps between your head and the inner-padding or straps of the helmet  - it must fit snugly
  • Choosing a helmet that does not wobble about while in use.
  • Ensuring vision is not in any way compromised
  • Choosing a helmet that’s comfortable and will not case irritation
  • Perhaps selecting a helmet that’s bright enough to be seen by motorists even from long distances
  • Choosing a helmet that’s easy to take off and put on again without the need for help.

Follow these simple pointers and you can’t go wrong, but be sure to try on as many helmets as you feel necessary before selecting a final product.