We’re often asked – why is it we both sell and rent triathlon wetsuits? After all, surely there’s one of the two options that makes more sense than the other, so which is it?


Well, in reality the reason we both rent and sell wetsuits is that there are distinct benefits that come with both options. We’re not the types to tell folk what to do or what works best for them – we’d rather offer as much freedom of choice as possible and let you decide!


But to help you along the way, here’s a quick overview of the pros attached to both options:


Wetsuit Purchase

If you’re planning to get into triathlon training and competition for the long-haul, you’re going to need a wetsuit on a pretty permanent basis. It’s not as if you can compete in one only when you feel like it and go naked the rest of the time – you need a wetsuit time and time again. As such, buying outright makes a sensible choice as the moment you take the suit home, it’s yours for life.


This is often seen as beneficial for two reasons – one being that it’s a one-off cost and the other being that you become well and truly familiar with the look, feel and fit of your very own suit. Some love the feel of a new suit, but for others there’s nothing nicer than one that’s been well and truly worn-in for years!


And if you take a look through our collection, you’ll find that even the best wetsuits in the market from the likes of Zone 3, Huub and Aqua Sphere really aren’t all that expensive these days!


Wetsuit Hire

As for wetsuit hire, there will always be those that aren’t quite ready to commit to the Tri Harder way of life and would like to test the waters first…quite literally! That’s why we’re always happy to rent out wetsuits for full seasons, which in turn allows newcomers to triathlon training and competition every opportunity to see how it suits them.


However, even in the cases of those that end up well and truly hooked on triathlon participation, wetsuit hire can also make a hugely appealing option. Why? It’s simple really – each time the season comes to an end, the wetsuit comes back to us and you’re then able to once again rent a brand-new wetsuit the next season in accordance with what you need at the time! Need a new shape? New size? New style? It’s all a done deal – rental wetsuits mean on-going freedom of choice.


Making the Right Choice

If you ask us, there’s really no right or wrong choice when it comes to hiring or buying – it’s just a case of going with what works for you. We’re always ready and waiting to lend a helping hand and answer any questions you have, so take a good look at what’s online and get in touch with us if there’s anything else you need to know!