When you first find yourself getting into the idea of triathlon training at an intermediate or higher level, chances are you’ll be motivated to invest in the right gear for the job. After all, you cannot be expected to up your performance level if you’re not kitted out in the very best clothing and footwear. In the case of the latter however, it often turns out to be something of a trial and error process with most when it comes to finding the perfect look, feel and fit.


Suffice to say this can turn into an expensive process to say the least, so in the spirit of finding the ideal triathlon shoes the very first time at bat, here’s a quick overview of five important tips to follow:


1 – Try Before You Buy

You may think it’s impossible to try on the shoes you’re looking at online prior to ordering them, but this isn’t in fact the case at all. After all, there’s nothing to stop you heading out and trying them on in a physical store, only to then go ahead and order them for the cheaper price online! Some call it cheeky; others call it resourceful and making best use of your money.


2 – Buy for Now, Not Later

It’s of course highly probable that the shoes you buy will soften over time and eventually mould to the shape of your feet. That being said, it’s never a good idea to accept a pair of triathlon shoes that you simply assume will be a perfect fit eventually – this might not be the case at all. The long story short of it is that if they don’t fit and feel good now, it’s not worth taking the risk as there’s always the chance they never will.


3 – Try Shoes On Later in the Day

If you’re heading out to find out exactly what size of shoes you need and the brand that suits you best, make sure you do this in either the afternoon or the evening. The reason being that your feet will be slightly bigger in the afternoon than they are when you first get up in the morning – the same also applying to when you’re working out and the blood is really pumping. As such, if you go for what feels like a snug fit in the morning, there’s a solid chance they may be too tight and uncomfortable to use once you get your training session underway.


4 – Quality Counts

Some would argue that there’s more to life than labels along and in a great many senses they’re 100% correct. However, in the case of triathlon shoes there’s no escaping the fact that a pair you can pick up for pocket change and a pair that represents a much heavier brand-backed investment are going to be two wholly different products. From comfort to performance to lifespan, it’s always worth buying shoes of quality.


5 – Fair Returns

Last but not least, when it comes to buying online it’s of the utmost importance to select a seller that has a fair and ideally comprehensive returns policy in place. The reason being that there’s always the chance you’ll try your proud new triathlon shoes on for the first time only to discover they’re not for you at all. And when this happens, you’ll be glad you selected a vendor that’s more than willing to take them back and help you get the shoes you need.