Elveden Estate Cycle race 2


Race prep went well with only having one pint of beer the night before rather than a bottle of red wine!


The morning of the race I felt good, porridge for breakfast and a shot of Beet it washed down with a glass of water. Driving to the race I started to feel all the aches and pains in my legs event though I had not done anything yet and assumed this was just all in my mind.


We parked up, registered and got us and the bikes ready for the race! We only had 10mins before the start so myself and Rob went for a lap of the course, well we only managed to get to the first bend before we had to turn back to make the start line.


Not wanting to push in we positioned ourselves at the back of the pack and within a few minutes we were underway for a rolling start which was suppose to be slow! My heart rate rose to 189bpm and 22mph on my Garmin before the flag went down and the race started!


I was about two thirds down the pack for the first corner when the crash took place, luckily I was far enough back to avoid this and managed to weave my way round. All I could hear was  "you f**king c**t" amongst other abuse directed at the people causing the crash. I thought this was going to be a nice friendly ride round and carried on! 


The next corner lead to the same outcome and again managed to keep clear although did feel bad not stopping to help some of the riders out but no-body else seemed bothered. At this rate I thought if I can just get round i would have done well!


After the first 2 bends the field spread out giving more room to ride and found myself enjoying a few laps with a group of about 10-12. Feeling quite good towards the end of lap4 I decided to move to the front of our group. Not because i wanted to attack but just felt guilty for not doing my turn. Anyway this was were it started to go wrong, I did my usual and spent a little too long on the front and pulled aside just before the only slight climb of the course at which point the entire group came passed me and that was it, I could not get back on their wheel. 


The race then turned into a solo TT for myself for the next 2 laps until I was caught by a couple of riders which I then managed to stick with. I was then all set for a sprint finish only to find the race car on the finish line supporting the last rider!


Not sure where I finished but had a great time and pleased I made it round in one piece!


You know what they say? "thats bike racing!"