Cycling always has been and probably always will be one of the world’s favourite forms of exercise. The reason being that unlike most options on the card when it comes to keeping fit, cycling is both practical and enjoyable. You can use your bike as a mode of transportation to get around while getting fit at the same time, or you can simply use it for pleasure rides anywhere you choose – no other form of exercise is so genuinely appealing.

Of course, there will always be those that take their cycling much more seriously than others – perhaps even going so far as to make a career out of their passion. Some professional riders scale the most rugged mountain ranges, other cycle for pure speed and some are all about long-distance endurance. In any and all cases though it should probably come as no surprise to learn that the bog-standard bike you use to go pick up the newspaper each weekend really isn’t cut out for this kind of professional use. There’s a lot to be said for the talents and fitness levels of the rider of course, but placing a pro rider on a subpar bike is a bit like placing a Formula One driver in a go kart – they have no chance of getting very far!

Specialist Dealers

Technology has been moving astonishingly quickly over recent years and the top-end bikes of today are on a whole new level than those of years gone by. New standards and optional extras are just too abundant to even begin listing, though suffice to say can only be advised on and delivered by a premium specialist dealer. Every bike shop has its place, but if you’re really looking to put together the professional quality bike of your dreams, you need to think about heading to a leading online bike store.

The main reason why it’s a good idea to buy bikes online from UK dealers is the plain and simple fact that when you go to a standard bike store, what you see it what you get. Sure, there may be dozens, even hundreds of bikes on show, but that’s where things come to an end. After all, it’s not like they’ve got unlimited floor space and endless funds to stock every bike on Earth.

By contrast, an online dealer doesn’t have any shop-floor limitations to work with and can therefore stock a vastly larger number of bikes than a standard store. What’s more, it’s not only about the bikes that are stocked, but also the bikes that can be built to order and customised to the exact specifications of the customer. This is the perfect, in fact the only way of making sure you get exactly what you want – nothing more and nothing less.

Making the Right Choice

It’s perfectly safe and simple to buy bikes online just by following a few common sense rules when choosing the dealer. They of course need to look professional, have a great range and ideally be brand-independent, but they should also offer plenty of guarantees for full peace of mind and have a good deal of feedback to prove they’re the real deal.