Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail

So the week after competing in 4 races in 8 days, I decided this would be a good time to move house and book another last minute race!


The day after Fritton (Monday) and I was looking at my schedule for the next weekend and had no races booked, I had been contemplating doing the Bridge Triathlon and decided I would enter. I planned for this week to be quiet so a lot of resting and minimal training, Firstly to recover from the 4 races in 8 days and to be fresh for the Bridge Triathlon.


The quiet week never happened! With no rain we were flat out irrigating at work, then what was supposed to be an easy house move turned out to take 5 evenings after work plus most of Saturday. Saturday evening came around and I was shattered I even contemplated not racing the next morning!


Sunday morning arrived… I over slept by an hour and only had time for a quick slice of toast and before I knew it I was standing by the lake for the race briefing. I was in wave 2 and we were off at 6.45!! Into the lake we went, a quick swim out and back to make sure all was well with goggles, wetsuit and arms, I don’t know why I ever doubt my Aqua Sphere Goggles and Aqua Sphere Phantom wetsuit absolutely great bits of kit. The Swim was a 2 lap course. I led my wave out of the swim. Out onto the bike and it soon became apparent it was going to be 21km of a strong head wind and 21km of a strong tail wind! The bike course was a 7 lap course, up one side of the road back down the other. (Closed road) It was a technical course with a little under 400 athletes on the bike course at once! It was never going to be a blistering pace bike course simply because coming to a near stop at both ends of the lap, you also spent a lot of energy getting back up to speed again, 7 long gruelling and if I’m honest boring laps later it was back into transition.


This is where it got interesting… As always before the race I familiarised myself with the bike out/in and run out, so on with the trainers and off out onto the run I went, 50m down the road I got shouted at to come back the way I had gone, outside transition there was supposed to be a turn around cone to send you back up the road, I had beaten the marshals to that point, so a little time wasted but no big deal. Back on course and I was running well, my legs had felt pretty heavy and tired on the bike but I felt good on the run and soon got into a good stride and a strong steady pace, Oh then I got lost again! Another turn point with the marshal not knowing which way I had to go and no sign! So I ran which way I knew from previous races at the Bridge… this was wrong!! I found myself back on track and onto lap 2! Ah finally some signs were up and some other competitors on the course to see I was going the right way! Laps 2 and 3 went smoothly, running well and more importantly the right way!!


Once I had finished and cooled down I went to the time computer to see my time, mainly to see my run split. I had done a 35.29 for a 10k… I knew that I had probably gained about a minute from getting lost so I found the race director and explained what had happened and he thanked me for being honest and would sort it. After the results had been sorted I was still in 2nd so overall a great result not one of my best races but a great training session if nothing else.


The one thing I did learn is make sure you 100% know the course especially if you run the chance of being first back off the bike!! There’s no one to follow!! No the signing wasn’t 100% perfect and the race director did apologise for that, but at the end of the day it’s our job as athletes to know the course we’re racing.


My splits for the day were –

Swim -21.54

T1 – 0.52

Bike – 1.09.02

T2 – 0.41

Run – 35.29

Total – 2.08.00