One of the questions we’re asked on a daily basis is that of why the helmets from Kask are so much more expensive than mainstream lids. And of course, this is coupled with the question as to why Kask helmets are our safety tools of choice and pretty much dominate our whole collection.

In answer to these questions we always say the same – everything the average cycling helmet claims to offer is taken to the next level and then several steps further with super-premium lines. So, for those taking an active interest in both their health and their performance, the choice should really be a pretty simple one.

But in specifics, what is it about helmets from Kask and similar premium brands that set them apart from rival products?


First and foremost, a helmet’s primary job is of course to protect the head of the rider. While it’s common to assume that any helmet is better than none at all, there are in fact many examples on the market that are more hazardous than helpful. By contrast, helmets right at the top of the market have been comprehensively tested and proven their ability to withstand the kinds of knocks and spills that may otherwise lead to catastrophic injury. For this reason alone, the premium is very much worth paying.


Second only to safety comes comfort as a helmet that slips, rubs, itches, chafes or generally doesn’t feel well-suited to the head it sits on will soon find itself being loathed, lamented or left to one side. Any of these can of course make the whole purchase completely pointless in the first place as if you have a helmet you don’t wear, you may as well have no helmet at all. Kask helmets by contrast have been put their paces in the most demanding conditions imaginable in order to deliver day-long comfort and supreme protection across the board.


Anyone looking to get the very most out of their cycling at any level should consider the right helmet an indispensible asset. Along with being aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and improve overall speed, the best helmets on the market also help keep the rider cool, dry and fresh to encourage their own optimum performance.


It’s difficult to feel good when competing unless you look good at the same time –something the folks at Kask and brands at similar levels have covered. Rather than throwing out a bunch of strictly functional lids that offer little more than protection, Kask helmets have been painstakingly designed to be as timelessly elegant and stylish as possible.

Value for Money

And finally, while a lower-end cycling helmet has the very real potential to wear out and/or lose its appeal in no time at all, higher quality products are built to last. A solid helmet from the high-end Kask range for example can outlast a lower-end brand’s helmet so many times over that it actually ends up proving better value for money to invest in the better option in the first place.