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Aqua Sphere Pursuit (Mens) 2015 - SALE

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The Aqua Sphere Pursuit Wetsuit is designed to improve your performance and complement your technique, without negatively impacting your comfort levels. Features 100% UV protection, and Thermo-guard technology, for superior heat retention.

Top Features of the Aqua Sphere Pursuit Wetsuit


Bio-stretch zone : Strategically placed 1mm stretch zone, to allow for an outstanding range of motion

Aqua-drive technology: Strategically placed panels designed around the core of the body, which acts as the primary planning surface while swimming. Aqua-Drive is engineered to maximise buoyancy, resulting in improved body position in the water; which reduces drag and increases a swimmer’s efficiency

Grip protection system: A specially designed fabric application that minimises friction and creates a shield over the wet suit in order to maximise the life of the suit

Quick drying: Minimise heat loss and reduce added weight from water absorption

Aqua-flex collar: Watertight seal that provides maximum comfort through an ultra-fine, double layer, designed to minimise neck chafing

100% UVA/UVB protection: Protection from the sun’s harmful rays, ideal for long swims outdoors

Super stretch fabric: Provides superb flexibility and comfort, allowing you to concentrate on the swim at hand

Yamamoto #38 Neoprene: offers the optimum balance of flexibility, reduced drag coefficient, and durability

Thermo-guard technology: Delivers unbeatable warmth, as well as maximum flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, legs and chest

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