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Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro Sunglasses

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Whether you're riding rugged trails or an endless stretch of road, the right eyewear is essential. The Evil Eye pro offers the ultimate in clarity, protection and fit with a Lightweight SPX™ frame and interchangeable lenses for adaptable performance.

Whether you're riding rugged trails or an endless stretch of road, the right eyewear is essential. The Evil Eye pro offers the ultimate in clarity, protection and fit with a Lightweight SPX™ frame and interchangeable lenses for adaptable performance.

Top Features of the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro Sunglasses

Lightweight Half Rim SPX Frame
TRI.FIT vertical adjustment
Light Stabilising Technology (LST) Polycarbonate Lenses
Sweat Blocker
Wrap-around Frame
Decentered Vision Advantage lens curvature
Sophisticated Lens Fixation
Double Snap Nose Bridge
2 Size Eyewear Fitting

Frame and Lens Combinations:
Each frame is supplied with 2 lenses so you can adapt your vision to your advantage in different light conditions:

  • LST Active Silver Lens - The LST active lens features a red tint that enhances contrast and tunes light transmission. Ideal for bright sunlight and medium light conditions, silver mirror coat reflects strong light and reduces glare. LST Active also provides a vitalising psychological effect for improved focus and outlook.

  • LST Bright Anti-fog Lens - The LST Bright Anti-fog Lens offers Adidas Light Stabilizing Technology™ and contrast enhancement in fog and diffuse light conditions, this helps enhance your depth perception and spatial awareness for performance and safety.

Light Stabilizing Technology (LST)
Dazzle and momentary blindness caused by rapid changes in light can break your concentration and could mean the difference between first and second place. Tunnels, glass buildings and open water can all impede your vision as your eyes adjust to the reflected glare or change in brightness. Adidas developed Light Stabilising Technology lenses specifically to minimise these changes and give you the competitive edge. LST lenses let you adapt your vision to your surroundings and help counter extreme light fluctuations to prevent eye fatigue and let you focus on your performance. 

Decentered Vision Advantage™ Polycarbonate Lens
De-centered lenses offset the apex of the lens curve to provide distortion free vision with maximum optical quality. The tough, three layer polycarbonate material offers robust impact resistance to protect your eyes from airborne particles. A Special coating ensures scratch resistance and a prolonged life.

Sophisticated Lens Fixation
The Sophisticated Lens fixation system lets you to tailor your vision to your advantage, whatever the light conditions. The design allows fast and easy lens changes with a secure fit. Simple, fast but sturdy - your Adidas eyewear lenses are built for easy handling.

SPX Frame
A high end frame material with exceptional flexibility, tensile strength and scratch resistance. SPX is extremely light for an almost weightless feel on the head and tough enough to stand up to the demands of high performance athletes. Flex Zones™ incorporated into the SPX™ frame give extra flexibility allowing the frame to comfortably to the width of your head.

Double Snap Nose Bridge
To optimise the resting position of your eyewear, the Double-Snap Nose Bridge™ provides double level height adjustment of the nose bridge to suit the individual. The Double-Snap Nose Bridge™ is also made of a non-slip, soft material giving the secure and comfortable feel.

The TRI.FIT frame design offers 3 levels of vertical adjustment to adapt your eyewear for an optimum fit. Additionally, TRI.FIT can be used to compensate for the angle of incidence of light rays, thereby eradicating the dazzling effects for your advantage. Exclusive to Adidas Eyewear.

2 Size Eyewear Fitting
Secure and comfortable fitting eyewear is paramount for performance athletes and as head sizes vary from person to person, Adidas Eyewear produce 2 different frame sizes and a range of lens shapes to cater for everyone. The different sizes together with Adidas Eyewear exclusive fit features allow for the wearer to achieve their own customized fit.

Wrap-around Frame
Wrap-around frame technology guarantees a maximum field of vision and gives you a snug fit that follows the curve of your face. Available in 2 sizes for a custom fit, the wrap around shape ensures your Adidas eyewear will stay secure, offer complete peripheral vision and provide full protective coverage.

Sweat Blocker
On your hardest efforts, sweat entering your eyes can be a serious problem. The detachable sweat blocker fits the wrap-around frame construction and prevents sweat from running down into your eyes and obscuring your vision. It can be easily removed and replaced when needed.

Quick-release Hinge™
Rather than your eyewear getting damaged, the temples release under exertion of impact force.The temples are easily and quickly reinserted or you can replace them by head straps, which accompany certain models.




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